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The AdMaster™ suite of products revolutionises in-store audio promotions and provides significant benefits to both retailers and advertisers.

For the first time, audio advertisements can be booked at the touch of a button using AdMasters’ online booking interface that provides advertisers with full control of placement. Advertisements are then broadcast in-store uninterrupted and at optimal volume levels. Scheduled adverts are integrated seamlessly with in-store music and announcements, improving brand recall and overall consumer retail experience.

Retailer benefits:

· Increased sales volumes

· Improved customer experience

· Uninterrupted audio advertising

· Ease of recording in-store promotions

· Voice levelled announcements

· Automatic volume levelling

· Cloud connected music

Vendor & advertiser benefits:

· Online advertisement booking system

· Placement choice of stores, days and times

· Quality, volume controlled advert delivery

· Adverts not interrupted by PA traffic

· Direct control over your advertising


Become a participating retailer and start receiving a revenue stream from the adverts vendors broadcast in your store. Watch your sales revenue grow and provide your staff with new ways to promote department products.

Become a participating advertiser and book your ads where you want, when you want, assured they will play at the right volume, and uninterrupted.