Distribution Media Pty Ltd announce the arrival of INTERRUPTION FREE audio advertising in retail stores.

In May 2015, Distribution Media will be unveiled as a progressive audio advertising service provider, set to revolutionise public address systems throughout retail stores.

Over the last 20 years public address systems and in-store audio advertising have seen very little progression, until now. Distribution Media use the latest technology, and public address hardware, to provide retailers’ vendor paid adverts, spot adverts, music and much more in one cohesive system. In the past, vendor paid advertisements in the retail sector have been deprioritized through store interruptions and inept volume levelling, however not anymore! Advertisers can be assured that their audio commercials will reach the target audience, loud and clear, at the point of sale. Media arbitrator technology monitors traffic on the PA system, time-shifting general announcements and spot ads when necessary, until they can play safely, without interruptions to vendor adverts. In addition to eliminating interruptions, this new system provides automatic volume leveling, adjusting to store noise levels throughout the day and ensuring all audio is heard clearly by customers.

The heart of Distribution Media is embedded in its’ straightforward online booking system. Professionally recorded vendor adverts are streamed to retail stores via the cloud. Advertisers are provided with an effective sales platform, and the ability to make customized bookings which include selections for stores, days, and times.

In-store, staff can finally record spot advertisements with ease. Voice levelling hardware ensures that all spot ads and staff announcements will play evenly, irrespective of the speakers’ volume. Department promotions through the all new ‘Magic microphones’ enable staff to record a message which can be set to automatically re-play as often as desired. With six pre-set repetition rates on the microphone, plus the ability to go online to fully customize promotions, the options for retailers are endless.

Additional features include wireless staff assistance call buttons, cloud based music, as well as all other existing PA features.

Distribution Media will be showcasing this new public address hardware, cloud based advertisement booking software, and the all new Magic microphone at the CeBIT expo in Sydney.