Could your store benefit from spot advertising?

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Does your store have produce that needs to be shifted before the end of the day, out of season stock, or an oversupply of goods that need to be sold immediately? There are endless reasons behind why stores may need to move stock quickly, or at a discounted rate.

Supermarkets in particular benefit from in-store promotions in order to move fresh produce and reduce shrinkage, but it’s an effective sales tactic for various other retailers too. Have you ever been in a supermarket when a red hot hourly special comes over the public address system for cheap bags of fruit or discounted meat? Customers flock to the designated specials area within seconds. Audio messages like this reach consumers immediately and are a great method for temporary, or time sensitive, promotions. Promotions may be for an in-store demonstration, two for one deal or a managers special. No matter the reason, when its time restricted it’s almost guaranteed to gain attention, if not crowds.

In today’s retail market gaining a customer’s attention is becoming increasingly difficult. The human perception process relies on sensory stimuli. The hardest part in capturing the attention of a customer comes down to their ability to distinguish the promotion in an environment surrounded by visually stimulating messages. In a large retail store, there’s no guarantee that your target consumers will even travel down the aisle, or section, you’ve paid to advertise in. Unlike our sense of sight, hearing is omni-directional and not as focused as vision. Visually stimulating advertising can be informative, yet can be perceived as removed and too disconnected from the individual.

Audio has the ability to connect with people and be perceived as a more personal message, targeted to the individual. Sound has always been our primary means of communication, how we learn things from one another and connect on a deeper level. The success of television advertising comes from its ability to capture an audience through both visual and audio stimuli. This method is highly effective in a setting where the audience are stationary, yet in the fast paced world of retail the consumer is constantly moving. A visual ad may capture their attention for a split second but broadcasted store audio is far more guaranteed to capture the customers attention for longer.

In terms of a short lived, in-house promotions there is no means as effective as audio to capture the attention of customers in every corner of the store. Why waste produce, or send products back to the warehouse, when you can create your own spot ads in-store at the press of a button?

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