5 Tips For A Great Audio Advertisement


Radio Ads are usually 30- 60 seconds and that time will go by pretty fast. A 30 second ad is around 80 words. This limit isn’t much to get your message out there, and promote a call to action. The ad should focus on one compelling point, rather than trying to cram in all the features or benefits of the product. Your audience have other information running through their head at the same time, competing for their attention. In order to prevent becoming part of the background noise you need to get their attention, push only the most compelling point, and offer a call to action. Repetition is also a great method for ensuring that your ad will stick. Repeating the same point a few times might feel pointless but it helps to solidify the message. People often need to hear or see information more than once to fully absorb it.



Tailoring your message specifically to the audience is well proven to increase the effectiveness of advertising. What kind of radio channel are you advertising on? Are people tuned in to listen to the music or the advertising? Where will this audio be aired? What time is the ad getting aired and who is most likely going to be tuning in at that time? The more specific you can be with your advertising the more personalised it will feel to the audience which will assist in driving sales. 



Just because your advertising over the radio doesn’t mean you can’t conjure up a visualisation of the product, or its benefits for your listeners. Use descriptive words or even sound effects to get your message to appeal to both the visual and audio senses. It may not be the actual product that you are describing, but the feeling association with having it ie. the feeling of relaxing with a freshly brewed coffee at the end of a long day.



People are surrounded by so much advertising on a daily basis we are getting better at learning to tune it out. If your ad sounds just like every other ad on radio, using generic descriptions and clichés then yes, your ad may be ignored. Make your ad unique! Be entertaining, or position the product in a new and exciting way, anything that will set your ad apart from the crowd. Think about yourself listening to the ad, and whether or not it would grab your attention if you heard it over the radio.



Forcing a response time is an effective advertising tool because everyone loves a limited time offer. If there’s no deadline the listener is under no pressure to respond to your call to action, pushing your message to the back of their mind. Whether it’s a reduced price, a free consultation, or even a free gift, it’s beneficial to give your promotion an expiry date. This also helps with maintaining brand value as continuous specials can lead to customers refusing to ever pay full price.