Are vendors getting their moneys worth?

business imageAudio advertising in a supermarket has been happening for decades, and in theory should be an effective means of targeted advertising. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. In 2014/ 15 a study was conducted of 25 large retail stores and supermarkets. Out of these stores, over 20.5% of audio advertisements were getting interrupted by in-store public address announcements. Interruptions weren’t the only issue. A large percentage of stores had their audio turned down so low you couldn’t hear any advertisements or music. Many stores had partially audible volume levels, varying from one isle to the next, due to a lack of speakers. Different times of the days were more susceptible to interruptions, and the busier hours of the day were typically worse due to increases in staff announcements. This issue has always been perceived as unavoidable. With the exception of restricting staff usage of microphones, there has been no way around it.

“Over the last few decades, public address systems and in-store audio advertising have seen very little advancement. With increased public address activity, the outdated audio mixer equipment functions and priority systems fail to meet advertisers’ and retailers’ current needs. At the source of the problem, advertisements are currently mixed with music and sent to the retail store as one continuous track. However, the public address system hardware has lots of other “Traffic” it must also take care of. Things like staff announcements, locally produced promotions, lunch bells and even emergency evacuations are all carried through the same public address system.

They can’t all talk at the same time so the hardware must prioritize, with those of less importance simply getting chopped! Unfortunately for the advertisers, and out of necessity, the music/advertising track is always assigned the lowest priority so it is interrupted by all other PA traffic.”

Terry Morley- Distribution Media Director

As an vendor, why would you advertise in a store that can’t guarantee your ad will be heard? Audio advertising whilst people are in store, cash in hand, is an incredibly targeted and effective marketing method, when done well. Both retailers and vendors have recognized this an a problem for many years, yet there has never been a clear solution. Distribution Media have now developed a system which solves all of these issues, separating the advertising from the music and upgrading it to top priority in stores. Store volume is controlled automatically, and can’t be set below a minimum range. Advertisers can finally rest assured that their ad will be heard, and retailers benefit from increased sales volumes.

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