How an in-house audio channel can increase your advertising revenue

What percentage of revenue from audio advertising does your store currently receive?

The main issue with current audio advertising in a retail setting is its renowned ties to radio and other music content providers. Most often these associated companies receive the majority of revenue from advertising in your store, across your air time. What if you didn’t need them to supply your music, or take the bookings for your advertisements. We live in a digital age yet many aspects of advertising are still operating in the past. Why should you be losing the majority of advertising revenue due to outsourcing your in-store audio. We live in a time when almost anything can be done at the click of a button, reducing labour costs and the need for personal selling so let’s welcome the age of online advertisement bookings.

Retailers currently provide the broadcasting airtime yet so much of their marketing and advertisement bookings are outsourced unnecessarily. The result is that advertisers are paying more than necessary to broadcast their audio and retailers are making minimal profit. The winners in this situation are certainly the associated radio stations who receive and schedule the ads. The sales and scheduling of these ads create a large number of jobs which in fact could be vastly reduced through an efficient online system. Envisage an online ad booking system where vendors can make a booking in a matter of minutes for a customised audio campaign, scheduling the days and times their ad will play, and electronically sending it to broadcast in-store. The best part about this system? Prices are set by the retailers and invoicing gets paid directly to their head office. Stop outsourcing today, install a system which you can manage in-house and watch your revenue skyrocket.

rail tracks

Unlike other systems developed in the past this new system by Distribution Media streams advertising and music on different tracks. Music content providers and radio stations normally incorporate ads and music into the same stream of audio however this system is far more advanced. Music content on its own is relatively inexpensive to purchase and the ability to run it on a separate track to advertising means that it operates independently. Advertising can be controlled by the retail store with minimal effort due to the systems online nature. Retail stores can keep their audio channels in-house, set their own pricing for advertisements and reap the rewards.

If you’re interested in taking a step forward and moving away from outsourcing your audio advertising then contact Distribution Media today.