10 Benefits of controlling your own in-store audio

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  1. Receive income for your audio air time.

  2. Avoid irrelevant ads that often play over commercial stations.

  3. Separately control the volume of ads, music and announcements to suit your store.

  4. Upload your own jingles and promotions instantly.

  5. Deal with your vendors directly.

  6. Cross promote with your suppliers to purchase ad placements for new products.

  7. Select the quantity of ads you want played per hour.

  8. Create store messages that can play at specific times of the day ie closing time.

  9. Your choice of music content provider.

  10. Target music to individual store locations to suit your customers.

For a long time store owners and even chain stores have failed to be in complete control of the audio that plays across their in-store public address system. In some instances stores simply turn on a public radio station in order to hear great music. The downfall of this method is that commercial stations play adverts targeted to the entire community. and aren’t specific to the retail store. Not only are retailers failing to make any money out of adverts playing in their stores, they are also playing irrelevant ads that fail to increase product sales. Often advertisements for competing retail stores are also playing on a commercial station.

In larger retail chain stores the music, and adverts, are often playing on a branded radio station specific to their stores. This is a big step above playing a community radio station, however management of the advertising is still controlled externally with a large percentage of profits lost. The retail chain may be able to select the types of music they want played, but the pricing of adverts, approvals and revenue is directed to the radio network, and not to the retailers.

Finally, there is a way you can control your own in-store audio, all you need to do is install a new public address mixer in your stores. The Admaster system is a combination of in-store hardware, and software, allowing advertisers to book ads directly into your store, via an online interface. You set the pricing and you receive direct revenue. Music and adverts are separated so you can select the music content provider of your choice to play over your public address system, without them controlling the advertising.

For more information on the Admaster system visit https://distributionmedia.com.au/admaster-tm6000e-public-address-system/