4 benefits of an online ad booking scheduler for ‘In-store promotions’

Instant confirmation and bookings;

Traditional radio advertisement bookings require you to call the station and/or submit a form with the booking requirements and advertisement attached. In some cases ad placements cannot be guaranteed ahead of time and will go onto a waiting list for the time requested. An online booking scheduler automatically calculates which ad placements are available and will only let you apply for available slots. Audio files are simply uploaded online and users can click to select the days and times to advertise and buy the placements on the spot. Advertisers don’t need to deal with calling the station and submitting forms is a thing of the past!

No long term contracts- unless you require them;

Most radio stations do offer single ad placements however it is far more expensive to do so. Long term contracts are far more desirable and usually offer far more attractive rates. Through the online ad  system bookings can be made on a weekly basis and aren’t charged at a higher rate for doing so. This enables smaller business’s to advertise to their budget and test the effectiveness without being locked in to a long term contract. This also allows advertisers to test different times of the day and discover which combination of days and times suits their business the best.

More targeted- specify exact locations to broadcast;

Radio advertisements are paid on a state by state basis and you can’t specify exact locations that you do and don’t want to advertise to. For some businesses this may be ok but for others that are more area specific it means that money is being wasted on stores that are irrelevant. With an online ad scheduler you can select the chain store that you want to advertise in and then you can select specific locations on a store by store basis, state by state or nationally.

Non-conforming ad durations aren’t charged at a higher rate;

Typically radio stations have a standard ad duration time of 30 seconds. If you want to do an ad that is shorter ie 15 seconds you are still charged 75% of the price for a 30 second ad. An online ad booking system works in smaller time slots of 15 seconds and is therefore less expensive for those wanting to do a shorter advertisement. A 15 second ad is exactly half the price of a 30 second ad, proving great value.

For more information on online ad bookings visit https://distributionmedia.com.au/benefits-for-advertisers/