Telephone paging vs wired microphones

Would you believe that with all the technological advancements we have made over the last 20 years the quality of in-store announcements and promotions has actually decreased?

The reason for this is primarily due to switching from wired microphones to more portable versions such as DECT phones and telephone paging. There is no doubt that these microphones are convenient and cost efficient, however at what cost? In-store announcements made using these devices disrupt the ambiance in-store and decrease the customer experience. I’m sure at some point in time everyone has experienced one of those in-store announcements that is so loud you practically jump out of your skin. Stores put a large effort and expense towards increasing the customer experience through layout, design, lighting, music and more, yet this issue is rarely addressed.

Wireless microphones, DECT phones and telephone paging are beneficial in store when used solely for private staff to staff phone calls, not PA announcements that are heard by all customers and staff. When staff are simply passing a message from one to another the quality of the sound holds far less importance and issues such as distortion or dropping out can be forgiven.

Wired microphones may not have the convenience of telephone paging however the sound quality improvement is undeniable. When making overall PA announcements from common areas such as department desks or reception counters these microphones are easily overall winner and assist in increasing in-store ambiance.

The AdMaster Magic Mic has come a long way from the wired microphones of the past and now includes features such as automatic voice levelling, the ability to create repeat promotions and interruption free announcements (that won’t cut into other PA promotions or announcements). The only reason why these microphones don’t have wireless capability is because they contain too much technology inside to create a wireless version. If you’re looking for quality microphones with increased functionality then the AdMaster Magic Mic is definitely a good option for your stores.

See below for a comparison table between microphones.






Convenience and portability


Ability to have one per staff member if required

Prone to dropping out

Low quality sound (this is ok for private conversations but not for over the PA system)

Prone to voice distortion

No VOX (voice operated switch) This means that if a person pauses whilst making an announcement it will cut off

Interrupts other PA functions such as advertising



Great sound quality

No drop outs

Great for announcements over the PA system

Improved customer experience

Not portable, must be located in easily accessible locations for all staff.

Can distort the voice if talking very close to the microphone

Interrupts other PA functions such as advertising


magic mic

Great sound quality

No drop outs

Automatic voice levelling (shout or whisper technology)

Great for announcements over the PA system

Ability to create repeat promotions (on the mic itself)

Interruption free announcements and promotions

Improved customer experience

Not portable, must be located in easily accessible locations for all staff