Different Ways Call Buttons Can Benefit Your Store

Traditionally call buttons in retail stores have been used for customer assistance in areas that are often left unattended however there are many new ways that call buttons can be used in a store to benefit both the staff and the customers including;


  1. Back Dock Assistance

In large retail stores and supermarkets in particular the addition of call buttons in the back dock can provide assistance to staff or delivery partners. The use of portable phones can be beneficial in some instances but often staff don’t all have a portable phone or they may leave it elsewhere, making the store PA system far more effective in reaching all staff, all the time. When a new delivery arrives and needs unpacking immediately a staff member can quickly press a call button which will play a customised message to ask for assistance in that area.


  1. Checkout Staff Assistance

Have you ever heard an awful sounding message over the public address system calling for “Staff assistance to checkout five” or a bell being pressed over and over to try and get the attention of a manager who may be down the back of the store? Every staff member has a different tone to their voice as well as a different volume. Some staff shout into the microphone and others speak so softly that you can barely understand them. Another issue that is becoming more prevalent in retail stores is checkout staff with limited English abilities who can be hard to understand clearly once broadcast over the PA system. An easy solution is to install 1 call button per checkout with a pre-recorded message- asking for managerial assistance to that checkout. Call buttons are a far more cost effective way for staff to communicate than in-store microphones or paging systems and are far more reliable for creating common messages within a store. Pre-recorded messages will always be heard clearly and can be recorded at an even volume to avoid the differences in staff voices that often shock customers and decrease the in-store experience.


  1. Customer Assistance

Customer assistance buttons located throughout large retail stores can be highly beneficial in providing customers with a high level customer experience. Hardware stores and large department stores benefit the most from this service method and by allocating enough buttons throughout the store, the floor staff can be reduced and only called upon when needed.


  1. Linked Store Assistance

Many larger stores such as supermarkets will often have a smaller attached business such as a liquor store. Quite often these smaller stores may only have one or two staff members and will often need extra assistance or relief whilst they go on a break. Call buttons can be installed in these smaller linked stores for the purpose of security (ie the staff member feels unsafe and would like the presence of another staff member) or relief (where a staff member needs additional help or a relief staff member). Call buttons can immediately play a message within the attached store that can be pre-recorded to ask for assistance or may even be a coded message for use in a security emergency.


  1. Emergency help buttons

Emergency help buttons for customers or staff can be utilised in areas such as public toilets where assistance may be needed if a customer falls or needs immediate help. Help buttons are now required by Australian Standards within all new building disabled toilets.