Total Retail Expo

For the first year Distribution Media will be exhibiting at the Total Retail expo to showcase the smart new AdMaster audio system. The AdMaster system provides retailers with a platform to increase sales and improve their customer experience using a highly developed audio system that dramatically improves the quality of music, announcements and in store promotions.

The AdMaster system offers a range of exclusive benefits including;

  • Store Promotions– That can be set to automatically repeat
  • Streamed Music– Customised for each store based on area demographics
  • Advertising– That can be booked online with vendors paying you direct!
  • Announcements– Voice levelled through shout stopper technology in the microphones
  • Automatic Volume Levelling– Music and ads will always play at an optimal volume

All of these features and more are included in the new AdMaster PA hardware. To find out how you could improve the ambiance of your store through a simple PA upgrade come and visit us at stand 57 on May the 11th and 12th at the Total Retail Expo.