In-Store Audio Improvements That Are Driving Sales

Increasing competition in the retail sector has resulted in brick and mortar stores searching for cost effective ways to improve the customer experience and increase revenue. For many years in-store audio has been a medium for delivering advertising and music, yet the technology has failed to develop with time. The AdMaster™ system, a recent product release by Distribution Media, has retailers rediscovering the impact in-store audio advertising has on shopper buying habits. This simple and cost effective public address system upgrade provides a range of new features that benefit the retailer, customers and vendors.

Utilising the existing public address system, AdMaster revolutionizes how vendor ads, spot promotions, corporate messages and music are created, delivered and broadcast in retail stores. This advanced public address product connects to the internet and manages all in-store audio, placing retailers in the drivers’ seat.

AdMasters’ new Magic Microphones™ work seamlessly with the public address system and are making a big impact in the retail world. These microphones have modernised the well-known practice of spruiking through automated technology, allowing retailers to create repetitive promotions over the public address system. Staff can record promotions and set them to automatically repeat throughout the day or week. Automated in-store promotions take the pressure off staff and are a great medium to connect with customers at a local level, increasing sales and reducing shrinkage. Inbuilt voice levelling technology in the Magic Mics ensure all promotions and general staff announcements play at an even volume, irrespective of the speaker’s voice. Voice levelling assists in improving the in-store ambiance by preventing abrupt, loud announcements that damage the customer experience.

Retailers of all sizes can now manage their own vendor advertising in-house, without any of the heavy lifting. AdMaster CloudClick allows vendors to book ads online directly to the retail stores through a user friendly interface. Advertisers can select the days, time and stores they want their advert to broadcast in, with revenue paid directly to the retailers’ head office. Music can also be tailored to suit individual stores and suburb demographics, improving in-store ambiance and customer satisfaction. AdMaster eliminates the need for using an external media company by automating the audio processes and ad bookings, and keeping revenue in the retailers’ pocket.

The AdMaster system truly is an all in one public address product, bringing in-store audio into the 21st century.