In-store Advertising in Supermarkets at the Click of a Button

Everyone knows that in-store advertising is highly effective however the tedious process of getting staff to complete this task is what often turns retailers away. Audio advertising over the public address system is usually quite low down on team members priorities, resulting in managers having to continually follow up, costing time and money. 

Until recently there was no better alternative..

Now retailers have an easy and cost effective way that they can produce and play in-store advertising at the click of a button, increasing revenue and reducing shrinkage.

The new AdMaster system allows retailers complete control over their in-store audio with access to an online booking system for vendor advertising as well as local, in-store advertising. This local advertising can be utilised through two different technologies; Play on Demand buttons and Magic Mics.

deli-hot-chickens Play on Demand Buttons

Play on demand buttons are an easy and highly effective way to play commonly used, repetitive promotions. When the button is pressed an advertisement (recorded by you in-store) will play over the PA system. This method of advertising works extremely well in areas such as the hot food deli when chickens are coming fresh out of the oven.

“Hi customers, our fresh chickens have just come out of the oven and as just $9.99 they make a great lunch for your whole family. Come and grab one today!”

Another area that has proven to benefit from this form of advertising is the bakery. Staff can simply press a Play on Demand button each time fresh bread or baked goods are coming out of the oven.

Although simple, these buttons hold the huge advantage they they’re incredibly easy to use so your staff will love them.  They’re wireless and can be placed anywhere in the store, making staff access a breeze!

magic-mic-croppedMagic Mics

Magic Microphones contain world leading technology that allow staff to create in-store promotions that can play once, be set to repeat at intervals, or play at a designated time, all without interrupting other PA traffic or paid advertising.

Standard microphones have just one button however the Magic Mic has 4. In an instant staff can pick up a Magic Mic, record their message and then select how often they want the message to replay. There are 5 options to select from on the microphone (you set these yourself) or you can jump onto the online interface to customise the repetition rate/ expiry, or to allocate the message to play at an exact time.

Magic Microphones work great in areas such as the Deli, Bakery, Fruit and Veg, Butcher/ Meat department and the front office. Repetitive or once only messages are a great method to advertise in season produce or stock that you need to get out the door. Managers can also use the Magic Mics to record weekly catalogue specials that can be set to expire at the end of the week (or any other date).

Recording don’t always have to be promoting stock.. They may also be advertising an in-store competition or raising awareness for a fundraising appeal etc.

Magic Mics give staff the flexibility of being able to set and forget. You will never have to hear another excuse as to why the department managers have failed to complete their quota of in-store promotions again!


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