5 Reasons In-Store Audio Trumps Commercial Radio

Commercial radio and In-store radio are both effective mediums for advertising and each have their own purpose. Commercial radio is great for advertising services, online goods and the non-material. In-store audio advertising however is far more effective for advertising products or material goods. The reason behind this is simple- When your advertising a product you want the customer to be able to immediately purchase it following the advertisement, while it’s fresh in their mind. Below is a list of 5 reasons that in-store audio ads are more effective than commercial radio for products and material goods.


41224444 - close up driver hand adjust audio button in the car1: The Audience can’t change the channel

Unlike commercial radio your audience can’t flick between channels every time an ad comes on. Channel surfing results in most vendors advertising across multiple channels, spending more money. Advertising in-store gives vendors far more control as the audience have no control over the PA system and can’t ‘opt out’ during ads.


59126811 - beautiful caucasian woman shopping cleaners at supermarket.2: Point of sale advertising

Why would you advertise on commercial radio when people are in their cars, driving to a destination when you could advertise to them as they are in-store with their wallet in hand, ready to spend. Point of sale advertising is far more effective for prompting immediate sales and increasing brand recognition.


41074050 - close-up of person hand giving money to other hand3: Cheaper than commercial radio

Advertising on commercial radio can be very expensive, particularly for vendors with smaller advertising budgets. Commercial radio may have a greater reach however most of those people aren’t heading to the shops following the ad. In-store advertising is far cheaper and is only reaching people who are all potential customers.


young man paying at till point in hardware store4: Targeted advertising

Commercial radio is usually broadcast to an entire store at the same time without the ability to target the advertising to specific suburbs or local audiences. In-store advertising through AdMaster CloudClick allows vendors to select specific stores and times they want to advertise in, pinpointing the customers.


37772189 - man shopping milk in grocery store5: Brand recall

Used in combination with good product placement in-store advertising effectively works to increase brand recall as customers will both see and hear about a product in one short visit to the shops.