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If you are one of the thousands of existing users of the TM6000 Public address system audio mixer by Topas, you will already be aware of their ease of use, performance and reliability. Designed and manufactured in Australia, the TM6000 has been the retail sector’s preferred mixer for more than 15 years. The Admaster TM6000e™ is still as easy to use and reliable as ever, but packed full of new innovations.

In order to meet the fast paced requirements of the digital age, today’s PA systems need:

  • Internet connectivity
  • Consistent audio quality and volume
  • The ability to broadcast vendor advertising and in-store promotions uninterrupted
  • Clear and concise announcements
  • Demographically targeted music

In-store audio, using the public address system continues to play an important role within the retail environment. The P.A system is the only mechanism that can deliver both music and announcements to the public. It also remains the most effective way to rapidly communicate important and urgent messages to staff. When company policy permits, the P.A system can also be harnessed to deliver promotional advertising to a captive market.

At the heart of every P.A system is the Audio Mixer. Until recently, the primary function of the audio mixer was simply to turn the volumes up and down. As in-store audio requirements have changed various ‘add-on’ boxes have been developed to deliver music and advertising. Most of these boxes are very clever devices however they all connect into the audio mixer in a very rudimentary way, failing to seamlessly integrate with in-store activities. Advertisements cut in half by announcements are commonplace in most retail environments and are a direct result of poor system integration.

In addition to vendor interruptions the major issues retailers experience with in store audio are; 

  • Paging announcements that are obnoxiously loud and distorted

  • In store advertising that’s ineffective because no one can hear it

  • An inability and lack of time to do repetitive in store promotions

The AdMaster system was developed in response to these major in-store issues, addressing all of the modern day audio requirements and eliminating the need for multiple public address products or ‘add-ons’. Internet capability within the AdMaster system allows superior customisation of music and advertising whilst broadcasting all inputs seamlessly.

The AdMaster system is an all in one public address product, integrating adverts, music and announcements to lift the customer experience and bring in-store audio into the 21st century.