circle customer experienceCUSTOMER EXPERIENCE

According to Gartner research “Customer Experience is the New Battle field” In fact, in a recent survey, 89% of companies believed that customer experience will be their primary basis for competing in the market place. Great in-store audio is a proven technique to enhance the customer experience. The effects of poor audio are also commonly known, yet rarely acted upon. Abrupt announcements in a store that are far too loud, crackly, or shrill can negatively impact on the customer, reducing shopping time and spend. The AdMaster system eliminates these issues, ensuring that all announcements are even, volume levelled and high quality. Brick-and-mortal stores still hold an advantage over e-commerce in the element of the customer experience. Although many stores have music playing, this alone is not enough to ‘connect’ to your customers. Music must be suited to the demographics of those within the store to have any positive effect, and played at the correct volume. Automatic volume levelling and AdMasters web based music delivery allows you to make the most of your airtime. Don’t just play music, target it to the likes of your customers which change on a day to day, hour by hour basis. 

circle man at deskADVERTISING REVENUE

AdMaster CloudClick™ allows retailers to manage their own vendor advertising, without the help or associated costs of a third party media company. Retailers set the pricing and advertising density and income is received directly from the advertisers. Vendors are provided with a highly flexible online booking platform that not only saves them time but also assures that their ad will play uninterrupted by in-store announcements. CloudClick is a free online tool, allowing retailers of all sizes to customise in-store audio to suit their needs. Whether for small retailers that don’t have the time or money to set up vendor advertising, or for larger chains losing profits to external media companies, the AdMaster system will increase your sales and advertising revenue. 


The AdMaster™ system allows retailers of all sizes to manage all of their audio in-house, without any of the heavy lifting. Every aspect of the vendor advertising, in-store promotions and corporate messages can now be managed by the retailer, minimising expenditure and increasing control. AdMaster CloudClick™ eliminates the need for an external media company by automating the audio processes and ad bookings, keeping revenue in the retailers’ pocket. On a store by store basis managers also have increased control through volume locks and automatic volume levelling, preventing staff from turning the volume up and down as they see fit.


In-store department promotions and local messages (such as supporting a local team or fundraiser) create a sense of community and belonging within retail stores, fostering store loyalty.  Store promotions created with the AdMaster Magic Mics™ allow staff to create store specific messages and promotions with a personal touch and set them to automatically repeat. By hearing Tom the butcher’s meat promotion shoppers immediately feel more connected to the store than if they were to hear a professional radio ad.  In a world that is growing more and more removed it’s great to be able to bring a sense of personal connection back into the retail environment. 


The Admaster™ system eliminates clutter in your communications room. The AdMaster TM6000e is an all in one product with internet capability built in. AdMaster connects directly to the network, making add-on modems and music decoders obsolete.