in-store audio advertising

Distribution Media delivers audio advertisements to your store that you approve, at a repetition that you choose, and you receive the income.

Using AdMaster CloudClickTM, vendors can upload and play promotional advertisements through the public address system into participating retail stores. The stores head office has control over which adverts are appropriate for their customers, setting the advert density and the suggested pricing.

Vendors now have the ability to tailor a marketing programme specific to their product. They can select the day, time and location that their promotion will be aired, assured their audio will play uninterrupted by other announcements. Vendors pay the retailer directly.

Vendors are eagerly taking advantage of the AdMasters new innovations. Assured, for the first time that their paid adverts are reaching the target audience at the point of sale, without interruptions, and at a volume heard clearly above the ambient noise levels.

cloudclick demo