AdMaster Magic Mics™ were developed in response to a growing number of sound quality issues, lack of functionality and high maintenance costs with conventional microphones. Over the last 20+ years in-store microphones have had no major technological advancements. The trend of switching from wired microphones to more portable versions such as DECT phones became quite popular in the last decade, exacerbating the sound quality issues. There is no doubt that these telephones are convenient, however at what cost? In-store announcements made using these devices sound terrible, disrupting the in-store ambiance and decreasing the customer experience.


DECT phones are beneficial for private staff-to-staff communication however they are ill suited for PA announcements. When staff are simply passing a message from one to another the quality of the sound holds far less importance and issues such as volume, distortion or dropping out can be forgiven. The excessive use of this form of communication to make general PA announcements has decreased audio quality across the retail sector.

In developing the Magic Microphone, the design team at Distribution Media set out to resolve a number of major issues occurring throughout retail stores of all sizes. These issues include;

  1. Announcements that are way too loud or too soft 

  2. Interruptions to paid advertising or other announcements

  3. Distorted announcements that are barely understandable 

  4. Feedback and background noise throughout an announcement

  5. Insufficient time for staff to create in-store promotions

The AdMaster Magic Mic has resolved all of these issues.

Unlike traditional microphones, Magic Microphone have three additional buttons to provide greater functionality. These new buttons provide staff with an easy way to create in-store promotions that can be set to automatically repeat throughout the day or week. Additional features such as automatic voice levelling, and the ability to make interruption free announcements (that won’t cut into other PA promotions, announcements or vendor advertising) are unique to AdMaster Magic Microphones.

Magic microphone- for Cebit new