Replace your outdated microphone technology with AdMaster Magic Mics™ and benefit from:

iStock_woman looking up in isle lower resIMPROVED IN-STORE AMBIANCE

In-store ambiance is often negatively impaired by abrupt and distorted announcements over the public address system. At some point every customer has heard the familiar “Price check to check out 5!”, seemingly shouted across the public address system. Staff commonly shout into microphones when they are in a noisy location i.e. the service desk. During peak times of the day these announcements become more frequent and are a form of abuse on the customers’ ear. Magic Microphones have resolved this issue with their automatic volume levelling, ensuring that all announcements over the public address system play at the perfect volume. By enhancing the ambiance in-store, customers are more encouraged to relax, shop longer and spend more.

business imageINCREASED SALES

Does your store have produce that needs to be shifted before the end of the day, out of season stock, or an oversupply of goods that need to be sold immediately? There are endless reasons why stores may need to move stock quickly, or at a discounted rate.

The traditional method of spruiking is well known for its ability to increase sales and reduce shrinkage. Have you ever been in a supermarket when a red hot hourly special comes over the public address system for cheap bags of fruit or discounted meat? Customers flock to the designated specials area within seconds. Audio messages like this reach the customers immediately and are a great method for temporary, or time sensitive, promotions. 

This method, though effective, relies on staff having sufficient time and remembering to regularly return to a microphone to make their promotion. With the introduction of AdMaster Magic Mics, and their ability to create repetitive promotions, this method of communication is easier than ever before.

Unlike professional vendor advertisements, local promotions are store specific and are a great method of moving stock quickly, drawing attention to new products or advertising weekly specials. 


Interruptions to vendor advertisements have been occurring for over 20 years. Until recently technology did not exist that could prevent this from happening. Some retailers have tried to limit the use of the PA system for making announcements and others have instructed staff wait until advertisements are finished. Both of these methods have proved more difficult to implement and monitor than anticipated and have failed to improve the situation. Advertising vendors are paying for audio time, which is often disrupted. Retailers that can provide a superior service to their advertisers ultimately sell more audio time, bringing in a larger advertising revenue and increasing sales. Magic Microphones are the only microphone with the ability to prevent these interruptions from occurring, creating seamless audio that benefits the retailer, the customers and the advertisers.

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Designed and manufactured in Australia, Magic Microphones are built to withstand the rigors of daily life in retail stores. Magic Microphones connect with the AdMaster public address system and are exclusive to Distribution Media.