AdMaster Magic Mics™ connect to the AdMaster system and give staff the ability to create quality announcements, without the issues experienced with regular microphones, DECT phones and inferior paging systems. 

man yelling magic micInbuilt voice levelling technology in each Magic Mic ensures all promotions and general staff announcements play at an even volume, irrespective of the speaker’s voice. Voice levelling assists in improving the in-store ambiance by preventing abrupt, loud announcements that damage the customer experience.

Magic Microphones have been designed to prevent sound issues experienced with other microphones such as; interrupting other users, background noise,  and audio feedback.

A major point of difference with the AdMaster system is its ability to time shift announcements, preventing users from interrupting vendor advertising and other promotions. If a vendor ad or other message is playing, the AdMaster will hold the announcement for a few seconds and play when the system is free. The ability to create interruption free announcements is unique to the AdMaster system. Interruption free technology lifts the quality of in-store audio and increases the effectiveness of vendor advertising. Urgent announcements created with the magic microphone will broadcast immediately across the public address system.