In the majority of retail stores today, background music and vendor advertising is mixed in a studio and delivered to stores via a radio channel. Adverts and music volumes are linked together and are inseparable. Although the studio has produced a high quality product, in-store, the adverts are played at sub optimal levels, in a volume lockstep with the music.  If the store manager turns the volume of the adverts up loud enough to be heard, the music is then too loud.


Music and advertising is often played so low that customers struggle to hear anything, resulting in ineffective audio advertising. These deficiencies are further highlighted when staff announcements are broadcast over the public address system. In contrast to the music and ads these announcements are often so loud that they assault the customers’ ears. 

The AdMaster system gives the user independent control over each channel. These can be locked if required to prevent unauthorised adjustments. In-store the AdMaster TM6000e now takes control of the volume by “listening” to the ambient noise level on the trading floor and automatically adjusting as background noise levels change.