Are your current audio advertisements getting heard?

In the past, audio advertisements in retail stores have been interrupted by general PA announcements and staff promotions, or simply played at a volume that cannot be heard.

CloudClick™  Ads are supported in-store by AdMaster™ public address hardware which insures advertisements will be played in full, without store interruptions, and at an optimal volume throughout the day. Capture customers at the point of sale while they are in store, and in a buyers’ frame of mind.

AdMaster CloudClick is a web based booking portal that allows you to choose the day and time you want your ad to play. Audio commercials can be booked and broadcast in participating retail chain stores, with the option to play to the entire chain or individual stores. Continue to use your own content supplier (or we can recommend others) to create audio adverts for your product / range, then simply upload these via CloudClick.

Ad placements are booked one week at a time, so there are no lengthy contracts. Pricing is displayed before you commit, and you pay the retailer directly to advertise in their store.

Contact us to find out how you can become a participating advertiser today.

cloudclick demo