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AdMaster TM6000e Logo (cmyk)The AdMaster TM6000e™ brings together vendor advertising, spot promotions, background music and all of your existing in-store public address functions. The defining difference of the AdMaster system is its interruption free technology. The AdMaster monitors all traffic on the PA system and time-shifts audio when necessary to prevent collisions and interruptions.

AdMaster Magic Mic Logo (cmyk)The AdMaster works at its optimum when used in conjunction with AdMaster Magic Mics™. Magic Microphones give your staff the freedom to be creative and easily record spot promotions that are relevant to their department range. Voice compression and enhancement is applied so announcements and promotions always play at a consistent volume.

AdMaster CloudClick Logo (cmyk)Vendors upload and book advertising using AdMaster CloudClick™ paid directly to your head office. You set the pricing and hourly density appropriate for individual stores. With access to interruption free advertising, vendors are embracing the introduction of this new technology. Corporate messages can also be uploaded via CloudClick to play as often as desired.

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