Interruption free technology is what separates the AdMaster TM6000e™ mixer from all other audio products available on the market today. The TM6000e’s media arbitrator monitors all traffic on the PA system and time-shifts general messages, ads and promotions that would otherwise conflict with one another. All messages are always heard in full.

When announcements are made using a Magic Mic, the AdMaster has the ability to delay the speaker’s voice for a brief time until the announcement or advert that’s playing has finished. This delay is important; without this technology a large number of advertisements are interrupted by staff announcements.


In a 2014 survey of Australian retail stores over 20% of adverts were either partially or fully interrupted. This study was taken during off peak times and would undoubtedly be higher in peak trading times when the PA system is in full use. Many stores were excluded from this survey due to insufficient volume and an inability to hear any advertising or music. When you combine interruptions and insufficient volume together the result is that in-store advertising is often not heard.

The AdMaster TM6000e prevents interruptions and ensures that all advertisements and promotions are heard in full, at an optimal volume, reaching customers and improving product recall.