circle staff efficiencySTAFF EFFICIENCY

Play on demand call buttons are great for improving efficiency as it gives staff quick and easy options to call for help, promote their products or alert staff to various events happening in the store. Wireless call buttons are cost effective and give the staff more freedom, as they don’t have to remember to keep making one off announcements. 

circle sales increaseINCREASED SALES

Repetitive promotions over the PA are great for increasing sales and reducing shrinkage. These buttons are particularly beneficial for the sale of fresh foods. When customers hear a message over the PA advertising the fresh chickens that are coming out of the oven right now or fresh bread out of the bakery sales are immediately driven upwards. 

circle checkout hardwareCUSTOMER EXPERIENCE

Traditionally, Play On Demand buttons have always been used for customer service due to their effectiveness. Located at department desks that often require assistance (such as the paint section in a hardware store or deli counter in a supermarket) these buttons provide customers prompt assistance when needed.  

circle shoplifterSAFETY

Play On Demand buttons can be highly beneficial for general safety and theft. If a staff member feels vulnerable or witnesses a crime, then these buttons can alert other staff or the manager to come to their aid through a coded message over the public address system.