assistance button

AdMaster Play On Demand Call Buttons are an optional feature that can be added to your AdMaster™ public address system. Buttons can be utilised by both your staff and customers to improve staff efficiency, enhance customer assistance, increase sales and provide security.

Pressing a Play On Demand Call Button triggers a message to play over the public address system. Battery operated and wireless, call buttons can easily be deployed anywhere within your store. Messages can be recorded in-store and tailored to suit each department.

Play On Demand Call Points can be used for various purposes including;

  • Customer assistance to departments
  • Counter assistance- when a department is unattended
  • Repetitive messages ie Hot chickens coming out of the oven
  • Department relief- calling another staff member as a replacement
  • Bathroom assistance 
  • Staff checkout assistance- calling for price checks/ managerial help
  • Change room assistance
  • Panic alarms
  • Merchandise collections
  • Back dock deliveries