circle change roomCHANGE ROOM ASSISTANCE

Change rooms are where most clothing shoppers ultimately make their purchase decisions. Unattended change rooms have a very negative impact on sales, with customers not prepared to re-dress in order to get another size. Play On Demand call buttons ensure your customers always feel in control and can press for help whenever required. 

clothing counter checkoutCOUNTER ASSISTANCE

In large retail or department stores Play On Demand buttons are great located throughout various areas for customers to press when a counter is temporarily unattended. 


circle checkout assistanceCHECKOUT ASSISTANCE

Checkout staff often require help with price checks and inquiries. If the manager isn’t within earshot call buttons are a great way to immediately get their attention without staff having to get on the microphone (particularly beneficial for shy or English as a second language staff).



The Australian building standards require help buttons in all new disabled toilets. Having Play On Demand buttons in these areas maintains your duty of care. This is particularly beneficial for large department stores.


circle shoplifterSECURITY ALARMS

Staff can call for extra assistance when dealing with difficult customers or in a security situation. Play On Demand buttons can play a discreet coded message over the PA to alert other staff members to the area. 



Play On Demand buttons can be very useful in the back end of large retail stores. Staff can easily press a button to call for assistance with unloading when necessary. Buttons can also be used as a doorbell from delivery drivers.


circle tech sectionCUSTOMER ASSISTANCE

For large scale stores customer assistance throughout the stores in various areas such as toys, technology or women’s clothing can be beneficial in providing optimal service to your shoppers