The AdMaster TM6000e can record, store and play back promotions that have been created in-store using the AdMaster Magic Mic™.  

Magic Microphones work seamlessly with the public address system and are making a big impact in the retail world. These microphones have modernised the well-known practice of spruiking through automated technology, allowing retailers to create repetitive promotions over the public address system.

Staff can record promotions and set them to automatically repeat throughout the day or week. They can choose how often they want their promotion to play and when their advert should expire. For example, they can record a promotion that will play every 10 minutes until the end of the day and another promotion that will play every 30 minutes until the end of the week. There are 6 different intervals to select from on the microphone. Automated in-store promotions take the pressure off staff and are a great medium to connect with customers at a local level, increasing sales and reducing shrinkage. Magic Mics will produce quality sounding, locally grown promotions that capture the personality and enthusiasm of individual staff members. 


liquor magic mic
deli magic mic
checkout magic mic

AdMaster Magic Mics can also be used to create local messages that are required to be played back at a specific time. Staff can put their minds at ease knowing that regular announcements are taken care of. Here are just a couple possibilities:

2:30pm Mon-Fri; School kids on roads 

9.00pm Mon-Sat; Closing time message

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