The AdMaster system connects with CloudClick™ to download audio advertisements via the Web. CloudClick is an ad booking system that allows vendors to choose the day, time and location for an advert to play. Vendors can direct their promotion to a single store, or any combination of stores. Retailers can choose which ads are suitable to air in their stores. CloudClick is a free tool that allows retailers to gain greater control over their in-store audio, ultimately increasing sales and revenue from advertising. 

CloudClick provides vendors with an ad scheduler that provides unmatched flexibility and ease of use. Bookings can be made in under a minute and will play in chosen stores in the next ad week. 

At the end of each month, CloudClick sends the retailer a summary of each ad agency’s purchases. The retailer then invoices each ad agency directly. You might be wondering how much each advert costs? That’s up to you. We don’t set the pricing – you do. Retailers can also limit the quantity of adverts played per hour, and can set limits on different product categories so that a time slot cannot be dominated by any one product group.

you choose

CloudClick puts you in direct control of the audio advertising that is played in your stores. The system is fully automated so there is nothing you will need to do except approve new adverts, and we can do this for you if you prefer. 
AdMaster CloudClick is also used to download corporate messages via the Web. At the click of a button head office can direct community messages, promotions or jingles to a single store, or any combination of stores. CloudClick puts you, the retailer, in direct control of the messaging played in your stores.

CloudClick is optional and if you elect not to use it you will still benefit from all of the other features of the AdMaster system. 

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