When adverts or announcements aren’t playing through the public address system the AdMaster TM6000e fills available audio space with background music.

Distribution Media is not a music supplier.  You may choose to retain your existing music content supplier (MCP), their on-site equipment, and FM decoders etc. Alternatively, our system supports the delivery of music from your preferred music content provider via our cloud based servers. If you do not have an existing MCP we can recommend some for you.

Before choosing your MCP you will need to ensure that they hold a current licence allowing them to duplicate, distribute and broadcast music in your jurisdiction. MCP’s must provide Distribution Media with evidence supporting this before they can make use of our content delivery service. Distribution Media charges MCP’s a small monthly fee to provide this delivery service.

One advantage to using Distribution Media’s cloud delivery service over existing in-store radio is that music can be tailored to the demographics of individual suburbs. Play the music that locals like! 

Research shows that suitable music within a retail store or supermarket has a positive effect on customers, often resulting in longer shopping duration’s and increased sales volumes.

Click here for a list of recommended Music Content Providers